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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an infinity dress? 
All the dresses in my shop are the same type (just different color and length). They can be worn in any of the styles shown. For the dresses, please visit Atom Attire on Etsy.

Are there styling instructions? 
To get inspirations for creating various styles with this dress, you can search "infinity dress tutorial" on YouTube here

What is the material? 
The material is polyester/spandex jersey. It has a great drape and is largely wrinkle resistant.

Can I get a color fabric swatch?
You can get the color swatches here

Are there matching Bandeaus/Tube tops?
If you'd like a matching bandeau (simple tube top that should be worn over a strapless bra) with your dress, you can select the option "Dress with Bandeau" when checking out. If you'd like additional bandeaus of the same or different color, you can purchase them here.
Please put the color you'd like in "note to seller" at checkout. 

If you'd like a non-standard bandeau, please add both the Customization listing "Bandeau Custom" and either the bandeau listing or dress with bandeau listing to cart and put down the measurements in "note to seller" at checkout.

What size is the dress? Can I get a custom size? 
The dress is one size fits most. The waist stretches from 25"-38” (about US size 0-18). If you need a larger/smaller one, customized size is available with a fee and will take about 4-6 weeks to complete. If you’d like the customization, please add both the dress and the specific “Customization” listing (Waist: 38" - 45", Waist: Over 45" or Waist: Under 25"), to the cart and in “note to seller” write down the bust, waist and hip measurements.

What is the dress length?
For the knee length, it measures 22” from waist to hem. And for the floor length, it measures 44” from waist to hem.

Can the dress be tailored shorter?
Yes. Please add both the Customization listing (Shorter Length) and the dress listing to cart and put down the desired length from waist (natural waist or empire waist, depending on how you want to wear it) to hem. Don't forget to add a couple inches if you are planning to wear heels.

Can the dress be made longer?
If you'd like the Knee Length to be longer than 22" but shorter than 44", please add both the dress and Customization listing (Extra Length: Short) to cart and put down the desired length at checkout. 

If you'd like the Floor Length to be longer than 44" (up to 48" maximum), please add both the dress and the Customization listing (Extra Length: Long) to cart and put down the desired length at checkout.

However in some instances, this option may not be available. Please inquire before purchasing.

Are the dresses and bandeaus hemmed? 
No, all the dresses and bandeaus are raw-edge (not hemmed). 

Maternity Style?
The waist stretches to 38”, and so should fit most pregnant women, assuming it is worn in an empire waist style (waist placed directly under the bust). However, I recommend getting the floor length dress instead of the knee length so that the dress is not too short in the front. 

Junior Size?
For Junior size, please order it as a customized dress. 
First, add the dress you'd like to cart and then add the specific customizations:

1) If waist is smaller than 25", please add the "Waist: Under 25" customization. 
2) If the desired length from waist to hem is shorter than standard, please add the "Shorter Length" customization.
3) If you'd like the matching bandeau and the bust is smaller than 30", please add the "Bandeau Custom" listing.

Finally, please put down all the measurements (waist, bust, desired length, height) in "note to seller" at checkout.

The straps are too long, can I cut them shorter?
Yes. If the straps are too long, you can cut the excess off without damaging the material, since it will not unravel. However, please keep in mind not to cut them too short, since some styles require more wrapping than others.

If I order one dress first, will the color be different when I order the rest later?
There are many variables that affect the coloration of the fabric, and so between different rolls or dye lots of fabric, the color can vary. 
Therefore, to ensure complete consistency in the color of the dresses, I recommend purchasing all your dresses together in one order. [The same thing also applies to bandeaus]
If the bridesmaids are ordering the dresses themselves/separate orders are placed, please ask them to do so within the SAME day AND mention the WEDDING PARTY in "note to seller" at checkout. If you do not do this when ordering separately, we are not responsible for any variations in color. We try our best to match the colors, however since each roll of fabric can vary and we have high turnover rates, it might be difficult. Therefore, we highly recommend ordering all the dresses at once.

Is the material see through?
The fabric has a nice weight and is not thin. However with the lighter colors, they tend to be see through (White, Blush Pink, Mint Green, Peach, Yellow, etc.). All the dark colors are completely opaque (Black, Charcoal, Navy, Dark Purple, Royal Purple, Royal Blue, Teal, etc.). If you are planning to get a light color and are worried about the sheerness, I highly recommend getting the matching bandeau as well. For the skirt portion, I suggest wearing nude undergarments along with a slip.

How do I clean the dress?
You can hand wash it in cold water or machine wash using cold water in a netted bag. Please hang it and let it air dry naturally (do not put it in the dryer). 


When will I receive my order? 
The standard processing time is 2-4 weeks, due to high demand, which means the item will be shipped out 2-4 weeks after you place the order. You can find the ship by date on your order receipt page. Etsy also tells you the shipping time at the checkout page before you place the order.

To find your ship date, please go to "You" then "Purchases & Reviews" and hit the "View Receipt" button.

The exact ship date depends on availability and also the number of dresses ordered:
1-2 dresses ordered: 2-3 weeks to ship
3-4 dresses: 3-4 weeks to ship
5 and more dresses: 5+ weeks

Dresses are shipped through USPS Priority Mail. Shipment typically takes 2-3 business days in the United States, and 6-10 business days in most other countries. I will send a tracking number once the item has shipped. In some rare international cases, this tracking number may not work once out of the United States.
We are not responsible for any shipping errors and delays due to the post office or incorrect addresses provided by the buyers. Sorry!

Express Processing?
The standard processing time is 2-4 weeks because everything is made to order. If you'd like the dress to be shipped out within 1-3 business days, express processing is available for $18 per dress (with the standard Priority shipping method; let me know if you'd like express shipping). 
Here is the Express Processing option:
** However, this option is conditional on the color, length and quantity of the dress you need. Please inquire before purchasing and confirm after ordering.

Can I track my swatch shipment?
The swatches are shipped in a small envelope with a forever stamp, and so unfortunately there is no tracking number. The delivery for first class can be unpredictable, but you should expect to get your swatch within 1-2 weeks after it is shipped (if in the US, international will take longer).

International Shipping/Customs? 
I ship dresses across the globe! USPS Priority Mail International takes 6-10 business days for most countries.
Please be aware, however, that your orders may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the buyer's country. These charges vary by country and are impossible for us to predict or calculate. Therefore, the buyer is responsible for these charges. For further information, please contact your local customs office.
Additionally, tracking is not included in shipping costs for every country. For these countries, you can add tracking for an additional cost. 


Are there group discounts?
Unfortunately I cannot offer any discounts since the price is already as low as I can make it. I hope you understand :)

What is the return policy?

Please keep in mind that our return policy requires you to return within 3 business days of receiving the item. The dress must be in its original, unworn condition. We will refund you the price of the dress, not including original or return shipping. Should you return it, please message us the tracking number so we know when to expect your package, as to ensure a timely refund. A return of more than 1 dress per order will incur a $5 processing and handling fee on EACH dress. No returns will be accepted for custom orders (anything that’s not standard). No refunds will be given if you send the item back but the return postmark is after 3 business days since you received the item.